CHEF’S TABLE :: OTP  (One True Pairing) :: MAY 18, 2018 :: 7:00 PM :: Doors 6:30 PM

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Our Chefs

Danenberger Family Vineyards is proud to present Executive Chef Clayton Danenberger and Chef De Cuisine Zac Leepper. 

Our chefs showcase their talents in an open setting, creating gastronomy-rich full course pairing dinners with wine accompaniments. Visit our pairing dinner menu and make a reservation to delight in a convivial, yet intimate dinning experience.

Upcoming Pairing Dinners

  • May 18, 2018

Chef Clayton Danenberger - Executive Chef

​One of the only palates to rival Susan's, but with food and wine. After attending Kendall College Culinary School in Chicago, training with August Mrozowski, and working as sous chef at American Harvest Eatery, Clayton has returned to DFV; bringing his unique vision of cuisine.

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Chef Zac Leepper - Chef De Cuisine​

Zac joined our Dream Team after working at some incredible foodie places: Indigo, Nick and Nino's, Panther Creek, and Alinea in Chicago. As a three Michelin Star award winner, Alinea is considered by many to be one of the top 10 restaurants in the world. Under Chef Grant Achatz, Zac honed his culinary artistry as Chef De Partie. His immense knowledge of food, wine, and beer have been a wonderful asset to DFV.

*limited seating, reservations only, 10 courses + wine pairings*

1. Watermelon gazpacho. Basil ice. Lime & Crab salad w/ melon caviar.

2. Fried veal sweetbreads. Sweet pea purée. Kimchi. Pork belly lardons. Lardon vinaigrette.

3. Chinese 5 spiced pork belly. Quinoa. Pickled apple & jicama slaw. Brandy apple gastrique.

4. Bay scallop, fire roasted corn & red pepper ceviche sushi roll. Avocado. Toasted sesame seed. Spicy wonton. Korean Chile. Ponzu.

5. Masa fried calamari. Serrano pepper. Fried garlic chips. Pickled shallot. Hoisin Chile garlic sauce.

Intermezzo: “Irish mule” Irish whiskey & ginger gelee. Finger lime.

7. Truffles croquette. Lightly smoked beef carpaccio. Caramelized red wine onions. Peppercorn caviar. Fire roasted red pepper coulis.

8. “Napa” style marcona almond crusted lamb loin. Rosemary & garlic polenta. Enoki mushrooms. Lamb Demi glacé 

9. Bacon fat fried cornbread. Maple & honey whipped butter. Andouille sausage ragu.

10. Strawberry butter cake. Lime curd. Mint & strawberry glass. Macerated strawberry. Strawberry rum sorbet.

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You will be delighted by cuisine that is not only thought-provoking but also pleasing to the palate, all the while being entertained by our gastronomy theater with a front row view of our Chef De Cuisine, Zac Leepper and our Executive Chef, Clayton Danenberger at work.

$120/pp includes gratuity, wine pairings. Limited seating. Reservations only. 217-488-6321. Advance purchase ticket required.

Our goal is to create an inviting, convivial dining environment where our guests can share in the dining experience. The Chef’s Table features an open kitchen visible from the dining tables. The inner kitchen viewpoint can be fascinating since guests at the table can watch the food being prepared and plated, while our chefs communicate with guests about each course. Our guests receive a lot of attention from our staff and our winemaker carefully selects which wines will pair with your experience.

Executive Chef, Clayton Danenberger
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Danenberger Family Vineyards

12341 Irish Road, New Berlin, IL | 217-488-6321

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