Meet the welcoming Party! They love to meet & Greet everyone.

Introductions, please...

Our Dog Pack consists of siberian huskies and a newly adopted Hounddog.

Here is more about them:


Snowman (aka ShadowFox by our American harvest crew):

Although he is the only male in the pack, he thinks that he is just one of the girls.  He is the oldest, at 14, but acts like a teenager. He is often timid and standoff-ish, but a snack brings him in everytime. He is always the first one to come in and the last one to leave the house. Watch for his social media blogs on Saturdays: #SnowmansSays



She is new to the pack and has been with us just over 3 years. She is always curious and always in trouble.The pack is often seen teaching her a lesson, but she has a will of her own. She has earned several nicknames due to her ornery ways. Her favorite pasttime is guard duty at night.


She's a Black and Tan CoonHound, but she thinks she's a Huskie...

​We fell in love with her when PAWS from Jacksonville, IL did an adoption day at our place. She's Even-tempered, Amiable, Eager to please and loves to lay in our VIP section.

LadyBird                                                                    Snowman                                                                         Desna


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